Team, Timing, & Target

  • The two greatest times to be a uranium investor are during a uranium market bull run and when a Jr. exploration company makes a major discovery
  • The greatest place in the world to hunt for high grade uranium deposits is in the Athabasca Basin of Saskatchewan Canada
  • The recent discoveries of over 400M lbs of uranium have all been found in the southwest corner of the basin
  • The geologist that was part of those discoveries is now hunting once again in the region he believes could host the next major discovery

Davidson River Project

Davidson River Project

The Davidson River Project is located in the heart of the Southwest Athabasca Uranium District. Surrounded by major players in uranium exploration and development including Cameco, Areva(Orano), NexGen, Fission Uranium, Denison, UEX.

Triple R Deposit (Discovered 2012)


87.76 Mlbs 1.82% U3O8


52.85 Mlbs 1.80% U3O8

Arrow Deposit (Discovered 2014)


179.5 Mlbs 6.88% U3O8


122.1 Mlbs 1.30% U3O8

Spitfire Zone (Discovered 2015)

DH: HK15-27 – 2.8 m of 2.23% U3O8
DH: HK18-82 – 1.3 m of 8.70% U3O8

Smart Lake Zone (Discovered 2008)

DH: SMT08-05 – 0.2 m of 0.19% U

DH: SMT08-06 – 0.1 m of 0.16% U

Clearwater Domain Mirror Theory

  • The Clearwater domain is the source of the uranium found in the southwest Athabasca Basin
  • The corridors west of the domain were recently discovered by Standard Uranium but never drilled
  • The exploration corridors to the east of the Clearwater domain have had major uranium discoveries
  • Dominant northeast to southwest trend east of Clearwater Domain
  • The exploration corridors to the west of the Clearwater domain have excellent potential to host similar deposits
  • Dominant northwest to southeast trend west of Clearwater Domain
  • The Patterson Lake Corridor, which hosts the Spitfire zone, Arrow deposit and Triple R deposit is interpreted to continue through the Clearwater Domain to the Davidson River Property
  • 2017 Tilt-angle interpretation of magnetics

Southwest Athabasca Basin

The project has not yet been tested for uranium by drilling, despite being located along the Shearwater “Exploration Corridor”, which has been interpreted as the continuation of the Patterson Lake Corridor. The nearby Patterson Lake Corridor contains several high-grade uranium deposits along an approximate 15-km length. Over 1000 drill- holes since 2012:

Fission Uranium:

572 holes

NexGen Energy:

501 holes


82+ holes

Davidson River Property:

0 Holes

2019 Exploration Field work

Davidson River Work Program

will focus on geochemical surveys over the VTEM conductors in the lower elevations of the project.

  • 4 general conductors identified by VTEM
  • ZTEM survey begins in Q2
  • First drill targets will be identified on conductor A
  • Permitting for drill targets completed